Bars and Clubs

What makes this bar so popular with visitors? We can only repeat what we hear. Friendly bar with DJ music, lively impersonators, pool table and, of course, great personnel. You’ ll find it right in middle of Club street.

Right in Faliraki High(Bar) street. One of the oldest and most well known pubs in Faliraki, where you can choose from a large variety of beers, long drings or cocktails while enjoying cool DJ music.

Best Restaurants in Faliraki

Tinas     Breakfast at MIKE’S
Start your day with a tasty breakfast at Mike’s.
Friendly and reasonable priced restaurant by the traffic lights.

Millenium     NECTAR
Also by the traffic lights, Nectar is a well known Greek taverna. Very tasty Greek dishes at reasonabl prices. Weekly Greek nights.

Sands     MARIA’S
This is our favoured sea-front restaurant by the small harbour. Excellent sea views, really tasty Greek food and fish at very reasonable prices.

On the main Rhodes-Lindos road next to the church. One of the best places for BBQed lamp or chicken. Very reasonable priced, set menus.

Millenium     HAWAII
Centrally located at the corner of Rhodes-Lindos and Bar street. Its beatiful garden make it look like an Oasis. Very tasty food at reasonable prices.

Sands     PANCHO’S
Mexican restaurant at its best. It looks good, the food is excellent and it is not expensive either. What a winning combination! You’ll find it on the Coastal (Club) Road.

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YASOO Internet
The best Internet Cafe in Faliraki, just off the Bar street. Very fast Internet connection, friendly bar and cheap international telephone calls.

Very friendly Bar + Diner by the traffic lights. Regular Karaoke nights and pool table competitions. Don’t miss their Greek Enjoy a variety of beers and other drinks at very reasonable prices.

Family run bar and restaurant. Very reasonable prices and excelent service day and night. Also famous for footbal (about 8 very large satelite TVs) and karaoke nights.

    The most popular Clubs in Faliraki are: Q-CLUB (on Club Street),
and LIQUID (between Club and Bar Street).