Places to Visit

Enjoy your Faliraki Holidays.
Visit Old Town Rhodes and Lindos.

Rhodes deer      Rhodes island combines natural beauty with a rich collection of historic sites and monuments from the ruins of Classical temples to Crusader castles.
In the middle ages(1310-1522) the island became the stronghold of the Knights of Saint John, whose main aim was to provide hospitality and protect the Christian pilgrims to the Holy Lands.
Even if you are not into sightseeing, a visit to the historical Old Town of Rhodes and the picturesque village of Lindos should not be missed.

Rhodes castle     RHODES OLD TOWN
Rhodes Town is only about 13km(8 miles) from Faliraki and it takes about 20 minutes by bus or car.
Near the bus stop is the large castle of the Knights, one of the finest examples of Crusader military architecture in the world. The castle is really impressive and has been maintained in excellent condition. No wonder it has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site.
Walk towards the harbour, then turn right and right again. Within 10 minutes from leaving the bus one feels instantly transported to Medieval times surrounded by massive walls and towers. Visit the Palace of the Knights and walk along the cobbled streets and narrow alleys where a bazaar type market offers traditional crafts and other souvenirs.

Lindos     LINDOS
Lindos is a truly photogenic place. Just try to imagine it. A beautiful horseshoe shape sandy beach with mediterranean blue crystal clear waters and next to it, at the foot and the lower side of a hill, the village of Lindos. The narrow, cobbled streets are pedestrian only and many houses boast beautifully laid out black and white pebble courtyards. Taking one of these narrow lanes through the town, or hiring a donkey from the main square, you can ascend the ancient acropolis that stands dominating the village on the top of the hill.