Working Holidays

Faliraki workers      Every summer hundreds young British and other European people enjoy working holidays in Faliraki. Most of the jobs are related to bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. The tourism season usually starts in May and lasts till the end of October.
If interested, we would advize you to book a cheap/last minute holiday, preferably at the beginning of the season, talk to other workers, decide what you’d like to do, make yourself presentable and go around asking for employment.
Don’t give up. Don’t take promises very seriously. Sooner or later you’ ll be offered a suitable job on the spot.
Expect to earn around 30 euros/£20 and tips a day plus free drinks and possibly meals as well. Accommodation will cost you about 7e/£5 a day, meals around 3-6e/£2-4 each and drinks about 2e/£1.5 each. Sunbathing and good times for free.