Hotel Resorts in Faliraki Rhodes

Trendy Bars and nightclubs a stone’s throw away from the idyllic beaches: Rhodes offers you an unforgettable holiday with a festive atmosphere and sunshine.

During your stay in Rhodes, you will discover the best pleasant places on the island. From Rhodes to Lindos via Faliraki, you spend your evenings at the rhythm of exotic fruit cocktails, international meetings and paradisiacal views of the most beautiful spots in Rhodes.

The city of Rhodes: a rich and varied offer of outings

Your festive stay on the island of Rhodes begins, of course, in the capital! After having cleared your luggage, you head towards Elli Beach, north of the city, to gain strength for the long nights ahead.

Do not hesitate to take a tour of the Old Town to find the best places in the trendy district, and to visit the majestic walls of Rhodes. If you are worried about the atmosphere that is not at the right place in the day, be not afraid!

In the early evening, head to Johnny’s Pub (in the center-north) or Captain Hooks Bar (on the West Coast of Rhodes) to discover local aperitifs such as ouzo (local pastis) while listening to rock music.

Famous Casino and discos not to be missed

Before getting serious, don’t miss a visit to the mythical Casino of Rhodes (the third largest in Greece), located in a famous seaside hotel.

It is now time to head towards the most festive area of the city, very close to the Port of Mandraki: the street Theodoraki Dimitriou. At the new Black Adder, you will enjoy an exotic cocktail, and at the Café Bohème, you will listen to a little concert in lived in a relaxed atmosphere.

Want to turn up the sound and tempo? Then join the clubs of Rhodes. The Gas Dance Station is a must. In the biggest nightclub on the island, the wild atmosphere takes you to the end of the night. At Barra Tres, a web site for young people, you can dance to the hits of the summer and meet new people.

Faliraki: “the” destination of the clubbers

The beginning of the evening in a magical setting

Faliraki is the typical seaside resort for partying. It is located only 10 km south-east of Rhodes and offers beautiful beaches. Everything you need!

As soon as the night starts to fall, you are in the mood: international restaurants, pubs and night clubs compete for the stars.

To get some strength, you eat a good steak-fries at the Try Sizzlers Steak bar. Then you sip a glass in the famous “rue des bars” at the Ziggys, The Champers Bar or the Cactus. You are ready for a crazy night!

We are going to dance!

The most famous clubs, and to be seen at all costs, are the Q-Club, The Bed Rock and the liquid: all ideally located. You spend a few wild evenings where you get to know party people from all over the world who are as determined as you are to celebrate until the early morning!

When the sun comes up, head to the fishing port of Saint Apostolos to have a coffee on the terrace while remembering your already great evening.

Then, after a little nap, nothing like an afternoon “wave pool and slides” at the Faliraki water park to get you over your emotions.

A postcard decor

Lindos is the third must-see destination for partying in Rhodes. After the fiery capital and the ultra-trendy city of Faliraki, Lindos combines abundant nightlife and paradisiacal views.

Against the backdrop of the Acropolis overlooking the turquoise sea, you stroll through the charming streets of the city, to discover the best festive places.

To enjoy the exceptional views of Lindos in the evening, you can start your evening on the rooftop terrace of the Lindos by Night or Dreams Bar. Here you can taste a mythos (Greek lager beer) and enjoy the idyllic setting you have chosen for your holiday.

To prolong the evening

Sidebars, Lindos is no exception! You alternate polyglot discussions on the lively terraces and wild dance on the rock music of the DJs of the Colossus Bar, Socrates or Antika.

Then, if the heart tells you, go to the discotheque! In Arches, you can see The Meaning Of The Feast of the Rhodians. In the large nightclub the Amphitheatre, a little away from the city, you enjoy the magical view of Lindos, and dance until sunrise.

The Rock Festival Lindos

At the beginning of June, the city of Lindos hosts a rock festival with prestigious headliners! You unleash yourself on the mythical bands of the last decades, and you applaud the most recent creations. An essential event for any partier who came to the island to soak up the nightlife “the rhodian”.

The festival in Rhodes, in the traditional version

Far away, far away from the clubs and bars of the island, other festivities take place every year in the heart of the villages bordered by the Aegean Sea. During these “local colors” balls, you have the opportunity to admire the traditional dances of Rhodes, named Rhoditiko Sousta, or Boniatiki Sousta. They usually practice in a circle, so get in the ring!