Night Life in Faliraki

the time when the club version of the biggest nightclubs in Greece leads, there are still shops that keep their popular program alive and unchanged.

Bouzoukia have their honorary winter-summer with the lovers of Greek music to give the” present “in these places even during their summer” escapes ” in the Greek islands.

We have the answer for you.

A response that has emerged following a discussion with a number of people who have been initiated into the popular chants and unrepentant late nights. And here’s the thing.

It puts down Athens: the island with the most hellish nightlife in Greece

If you want fun by morning and dances on the slopes and tables, you’ll go to Rhodes. Rhodes, after all, belongs to the most famous islands for their intense nightlife.

The ornament of the Dodecanese is not worth visiting the party animals only for Faliraki clearly, but for all the stores that will make you come home in the early hours of the morning.

From rebetadika to koutoukia and mezedopolies and from clubs to bouzoukia, the fun in Rhodes has no end. The choices are many and all worth talking about.

Among the shops that bet on the appearances of internationally renowned DJs and hottest bands coming in for the “εξτραδάκια” of the season, appeared, and the large slopes of the island. From Colorado to Paradiso and Gazi, the most popular clubs (and) with live program, the most hardcore you will find them in Astra Live of Ialysos Avenue. You see Faliraki.

It puts down Athens: the island with the most hellish nightlife in Greece

We’re talking genuine boobies here. As genuine as they can be in the year 2019. Dishes may not break, cloves and “damage”, however, are a necessary evil.

Winter-summer, the Rhodians know where to send those who ask for folk program and entertainment until dawn, since this cologne lasts for years.

Best of all? If you’re lucky, you’ll run into one of the sightings of great Athenian night names that arrive on the island for just a few appearances.

It puts down Athens: the island with the most hellish nightlife in Greece

From Paola to Natasa Theodoridou and Lena Papadopoulou and from Panos Kalidis to Aggeliki Iliadis, Petros Imvrio and Giorgos Tsaliki, there are not few performers who have climbed the Astra track.

Maybe that’s why one in two people you ask about the best Greek island bouzouki will send you without a second thought to beautiful Rhodes.

To be objective, of course, this island is generally famous for its entertainment centers.

Like, there’s a bug anyway. It is no coincidence that when one hears together the phrases “Greek island” and “nightlife” will immediately mention three names: Mykonos, Rhodes and Paros.

It puts down Athens: the island with the most hellish nightlife in Greece

Since the early 90’s when aspiring locals and non-greek lovers were spreading the Greek hospitality abroad until today Rhodes has not ceased to vibrate to the sounds of famous Dj’s,orchestras live rock and traditional songs, which give the rhythm for endless hours of fun.Moreover, what holiday experience is considered complete without the experience of the night life of the island;

The wild nightlife of young cheap tourists in Faliraki has been declining in recent years and the whole “ dalaveri ” has been transferred to the city of Rhodes.The street Orfanidou is an outdoor amusement center,attraction of tourists with all-inclusive bar offering questionable quality alcohol at low prices.A walk will convince you why Scandinavian newspapers include on the cover and their subjects the area. Uncontrollable situations and scattered drunkenness dominate as in so-called” national ” bars frequented by visitors of the same nationality.

However, Greek visitors tend to different choices by taking a taste of the modern pomegranate lifestyle. In the new town from the hotel of the Roses to Ialysos, there are many options for clubs, restaurants that host live Greek music and, of course, the ornament of the city : the casino of Rhodes. Every weekend world famous Dj’s visiting the city of Lindos organising legendary parties also.

Beloved of course a little more the Old Town lying inside the castle.Moving at the same pace as the rest of the island the castle does not rest until the early hours.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the castle, between the small tourist shops and itinerant peddlers picked up the standard souvenirs.Under the imposing plane tree in a courtyard in Arionos square you meet amazing cocktail bars that offer delicious tapas, sushi options and various finger foods.

And then Ippokratous square: one of the busiest and most photographed places in the medieval city of Rhodes.A reference point for both visitors and locals alike. He chose any Strait that surrounds the square. You will definitely meet traditional taverns and cafes on balconies and terraces.This is where all the activity is concentrated in the Old Town after midnight. Clubs and bars side by side for all tastes with Greek, Foreign, Latin and rock music have nothing to envy from the capital’s shops. It’s what keeps our holidays full and alive and at night.

The night for us Greeks are traditionally completed in the morning with breakfast, snack and junk food that you need and seek in the alleys after you have lost and doing circles in the old town.